Subcontract work

We can relieve the pressure on your production

Contage Företagssupport has many years’ experience of processes involving checking, sorting, processing and assembly.

There are a number of elements within production that at certain times require a lot of staffing and at the same time demand a well-planned process with short lead times. One solution to this is to hand certain operations over to us to carry out the activities at our own premises.

Sometimes we start with a project meeting to discuss and determine how best to cater for your needs and wishes. We will subsequently present our proposal together with a quote if requested. Sometimes a short telephone discussion or an e-mail is sufficient. A lot depends on how familiar we are with the task and how well we know one another.

You will always have a contact person within our organisation who you can check with to see what working method suits you best. As we are a small organisation, this means that we are highly flexible and can provide quick and accurate responses to your questions.

You can rely on us!

  • Processing
  • Packaging services
  • Checks
  • Assembly
  • Sorting