About Contage

You can rely on us.

Contage launched its operations in 1999. Over the subsequent 20 years we have successfully served as a partner to industrial and other enterprises. We have developed long-term and stable partnerships by ensuring a high level of availability, short and rapid decision channels and keeping to what we promise. In addition to the obvious – reliable, high-quality work.

In order to maintain a high standard of service, we are both flexible and systematic and we do our very best to understand and satisfy our customers’ needs and wishes – both spoken and unspoken. And we are meticulous in documenting what will be done – and what has been done. Collaborating with us should feel secure and worry-free.

We’ll handle it!

Our business concept

As a company today, keeping up with development – and satisfying ever tougher market demands – requires 100 % focus on your core activities. However, there are always a number of subsidiary functions and routine jobs that also need taking care of efficiently. Necessary tasks that mostly only come up at intervals, and occasionally as emergencies.

Contage Företagssupport is a flexible and efficient partner specialising in assisting companies with urgent, short-term and long-term functions or shortage of space.

Functions we currently assist companies with include:

  • Washing of various types of plastic packaging
  • Storage and distribution
  • Checks, sorting and reworking of components and products
  • Assembly
  • Inventory support
  • Mail handling

Examples of customers