Our services

In order to maintain a high standard of service, we are both flexible and systematic and we do our very best to understand and satisfy our customers’ needs


We handle the peripheral tasks that are necessary for the smooth running of a company.

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Subcontract work

Contage Företagssupport has many years’ experience of processes involving checking, sorting, processing and assembly.



We specialise in washing of industrial packaging, and we recondition packaging for both small companies and the vehicle industry.

Partner with us

The Contage method – keeping a check from start to finish!

Our working method is based on carefully checking off three guiding points for any assignment. Describing what is to be done, doing what has been prescribed and then following up on how it went. The nature of this and the level of detail in the reporting is determined together with you as the customer.

You can rely on us

A partner for industrial and other enterprises

Contage launched its operations in 1999. Over the subsequent 20 years we have successfully served as a partner to industrial and other enterprises. We have developed long-term and stable partnerships by ensuring a high level of availability, short and rapid decision channels and keeping to what we promise. In addition to the obvious – reliable, high-quality work.

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